of the
Order of Centurions

of Fixed Feasts and Commemorations
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Nativity - December 25th

Circumcision January 1st

Epiphany - January 6th

Presentation - February 2nd

Lent - 40 days of fasting

Annunciation - March 25th

Great Day of Easter with the Pascha Vigil

Rogaton Days

Ascension (Thursday - 40 days after Easter)

Pentecost (50 days after Easter)

Transfiguration - August 6

Ember Days Four Seasons
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Sundays are feast days our our Lord througout the year
Wednesdays and Fridays are days of abstinence (fasting) and special devotion. Major Feasts and Fasts in bold

The noble army of Martyrs praise thee

The Circumcision of our Lord JESUS CHRIST - January 1st

Sacramentum of the Order - January 3rd

Theagenes, Legionary of Parium - January 3rd

Epiphany - January 6th

Typasius, Legionary of Tigava, Martyr - January 11th

Alexander (Akimetes) Centurion, Monk - January 15 [430]

Confession of St. Peter Centurion January 18

Sebastian, Centurion, Martyr - January 20th [Diocletian's Purge]

The Conversion of Paul -- January 25th

Juventinus & Maximinus, Officers, Martyrs - January 26th [363]

The Presentation of CHRIST in the Temple
commonly called
The Purification of Mary the Virgin
-- February 2nd

Chaplains of the USAT Dorchester February 3rd

Cornelius, Centurion at Caesarea, Bishop - February 4th

Theodore Stratelates, Legatus, Martyr - February 7th

"Brother Lawrence" Nicholas Herman Soldier then Monk - February 12 [1691]

Lew Wallace, General, Evangelist - February 15

Joshua Chamberlain, General, Educator -- February 24th

Matthias the Apostle -- February 24th

Emeterius and Chelidonius, Legionaries of Calahorra, Spain - March 3rd

Adrian - Roman Officer & Martyr March 4th [304]

Chaplain John M Whitehead, US Army - March 7th

Sempronius, Centurion, & the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste - March 10th

Maximilian, Roman Conscript, Martyr - March 12th

Longinus, Centurion at Calvary, Martyr - March 15th

Marinus, Optio, Martyr -- March 17

Chaplain Joseph T O'Callanah, Lieutenant, US Navy Medal of Honor 18 March [1964]

Thomas Cranmer, Bishop, Soldier, Martyr -- 21 March

Lenten Embertide

Nicholas von der Flue, Soldier and Hermit -- March 22nd

Annunciation -- 25 March

Joshua - Warrior and Judge of Israel - April 1

Deborah - Prophetess and Judge of Israel - April 3rd

Samson - Warrior and Judge of Israel - April 5th

Gideon - Warrior and Judge of Israel - April 7th

David, Warrior King of Israel - April 9th

David's Mighty Men - April 11th

Nehemiah, Combat Engineer, Military Governor - April 13th

Expeditus, Centurion, Martyr - April 19th

George, Centurion, Martyr - April 23rd

Sabas Stratilatus, Martyr Aurelian -- April 24 [270-275]

Mark, Evangelist -- 25 April

Daniel Daly, US Marine MOHx2, Knight of Coumbus -- 27 April

Philip and James, Apostles May 1st

Florian, Legatus, Martyr [303]

Luigi Lorenzi - May 4th [1945]

Chaplain Vasily Martysz - 4 May [1945]

Angelia Maria Tam - May 6th [1945]

Victor of Milan - May 8th

Pachomius, Monk - May 9th [346]

Ischios, Magistrus, Martyr -- May 10th [286-305]

Gerald of Villamagna, Crusader, Hermit - May 13th

Thomas J. Jackson, General, Educator - May 10th

Achilleus and Nereus, Legionaries, Martyrs - May 12th

Acacius - May 20th

Constantine, Emperor - May 22nd

Emil Caupan, Chaplain - May 23rd [1951]

Julius, Soldier, Martyr - May 27th

Major Audie Murphy - Christian Hero of WWII 1971 [May 28]

Joan of Arc, Martyr - May 30th

Memorial for Fallen Veterans
Last Monday in May or other day according to local custom

Ferdinand of Portugal, Knight, Crusader, Prince - June 5th

Pentecost Embertide

Barnabas the Apostle -- June 11th

Boniface, Legate - June 15th

Alban, Centurion, First Martyr of England - June 20th

Centurion at Capernaum - June 22nd

Nativity of John Baptist -- June 24th

Peter the Apostle -- June 29th

Christopher of Antioch - Legionarie -- July 9th [308]

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, "El Cid Campeador" General - July 10th [1099]

William the Silent - Ruler and General July 10th [1584]

Camillus of Lellis, Soldier, Religious - July 14th

Ivan "Vanda" Moiseyev, Soviet Amry Private, Martyr, - 16 July [1972]

Philippian Jailer, Veteran, - 19 July [ca 50AD]

Victor of Marseilles - 21 July [ca 290AD]

Theodore Ushakov the Righteous Admiral [July 23]

SS. Boris and Gleb, Passion-bearers [July 24th]

James (Bar-Zebedee) the Apostle -- July 25th

Ignatius of Loyola - July 31st

King Oswald & Aidan August 5 [642]

Transfiguration -- August 6th

Florence Nightingale, Nurse to Combatants - August 13

Ursakios, Tribune, Martyr -- August 14 [286-305]

Andrew Stratilatus, Martyr -- August 19 [286-305]

Evgeny of Chechnya - August 20th

Centurio Luxurius, with Camerinus, and Cisellus - August 21th

Bartholomew the Apostle -- August 24th

Julian, Centurion of Brioude (Auvergne), Martyr - August 28th

Eudoxius, Comitus Hegemon (general), Zeno, Macarius, & Companions - Martyrs -- September 6th (285-305)

Romillus, Preposit of the Imperial Court - September 6th (98-117)

Captain Leroy Homer and the Martyrs of the Attack on America - September 11 (2001)

Sergeant John R. Cash, Evangelist, September 12 [2003]

Holy Cross Day -- September 14th

Autum Embertide

Great Martyr General Placidas Eustachius - September 20th

Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist -- September 21st

Maurice, Centurion, & Theban Legion - September 22nd

Hunbert Roque "Rocky" Versace, Captain, POW, MOH, Martyr - September 26th

Callistratus - September 27th

Michael, Archangel Militant, and all angels - September 29th

Anniversary of the Order of Centurions - September 29th

Ursus and Victory, Soldier of Theban Legion, Martyrs - September 30th

Peter Muhlenburg, Pastor, Soldier, Statesman - October 1st

Roman, Soldier, Othrodox Monk - October 2nd

Francis, Knight, Religious - October 4th

Francis Bloodgood Hall, Chaplain - October 4th [1903]

Martyr Davictus, Duke and eparchus[5], Maximian (286-305)

Sergios and Bacchus, Centurions - October 7th [Maximian 286-305]

General Casimir Pulaski, Father of American Cavalry October 11 [1779]

Robert E. Lee, General, Educator -- October 12th [1870]

Simon & Jude, Apostles -- October 28th

Luke the Evangelist -- October 18th

Ouar, Commander of the Tiana Cohorte -- October 19 [Maximian 286-305]

Artemius, Tribune -- 20 Oct [362]

John of Capistrano - October 23rd

Alfred, King & Warrior - October 26th

Demetrius of Thessolonica - October 26th [Maximian 286-305]

In Hoc Signo Vinces & Saxa Ruba - October 27th

Simon and Jude, Apostles -- October 28th

Fidelis, Exantus, and Carpophorus - October 28th

Marcellus, Centurion - October 30th

Gaianus, Centurion of thermageddon Chapel - October 31 [ca 225]

All Saints -- November 1st

Joannicus, Legionnaire, Religious Member, November 4th

Julius - Centurion of the Augustan Cohort - November 8th

Martin of Tours - November 11th

Mennas, Legionary & Martyr November 11th

Remembrance-Veterans Day - and Lt. Col John McCrae - November 11th

Martyr Azes of Isauria and with him 150 soldiers 3rd century

Justinian the Great Warrior, Emperor, Defender of the Faith - November 14th

Chaplain (Major) Charles Joseph Watters, Medal of Honor - November 19 [1967]

Edmund, King and Martyr November 20th

C.S. Lewis, Lieutenant (GB), Apologist - November 22nd

Dacius the Soldier - November 23rd

Porphyrius the Soldier and 200 at Alexandria - November 25th

James Caldwell, Chaplain, Continental Army - 24 November

Mercurius of Caesarea in Cappadocia - November 25th

Clovis, Most Christian King November 28th

Andrew the Apostle -- November 30th

Anthemius, Chaplain to the Crusades & Bishop - December 3rd, 8th Century

George S. Patton, III - December 9th

Advent Embertide

George Washington- December 14th

60 Martyrs of Gaza - December 17th

Thomas the Apostle -- December 21st

Ischyrion of Alexandria, 22 Dec 250

Eve of the Nativity - December 24th

Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ - December 25th

Stephen, Deacon and Martyr -- December 26th

John, Apostle and Evangelist -- December 27th

The Holy Innocents -- December 28th

Thomas Becket- Knight- Archbishop - Martyr - England [29 December 1170]

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