Centurion and Martyr

"Patron of Spain and Christian Soldiers"
30 October 298


Almighty God, who did so affect the heart of Marcellus with claim to his loyalty, that, though knowing he would be martyred for the name of Christ, laid down his military belt and vitis at the legion ensign, and renounced all other loyalties; Grant us such grace to always and everywhere renounce evil and proclaim our faith and loyalty to thee. Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Marcellus was a centurion under the reign of the Emperors Maximian and Diocletian. The legion celebrated the birthday of Caesar and sacrificed to Roman gods. During the feast, Marcellus was moved to renounce his loyalty to the legion and proclaim sole fidelity to Jesus Christ. He laid his military belt, arms, and centurion's vitis by the legion standard and then proclaimed,

"I serve Jesus Christ, the eternal king; from now on I serve your emperors no more."
He was arrested and the matter reported to the legion commander who cast him into prison. He would not retract his statement and commander referred the case to Aurelius Agricolan, the deputy for the prefects of the guard. At his trail in Tangiers, Africa in 298, Marcellus confessed, "I did throw down my arms, for it is not right for a Christian who serves the Lord Christ to serve also the demands of the world."

Agricola condemned Marcellus to death by beheading. As he was removed from the court, Marcellus said to Agricolan, "God bless you".

Cassian, a court scribe, was so moved by this scene that he refused to continue and was condemed. He was executed on the following 3rd of December.

The Order thanks Centurion Jose Antonio Alvarez Dominguez of Spain -- Marcellus Day, 30 October MMXVI

Fear God and Do What is Right
Order of Centurions

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