Evergy of Chechnya

Evgeny of Chechnya August 20, 2002

Evgeny was a young Russian solider and Orthodox Christian who was captured by the Checnens with several other soldiers. He had only been in service for about six months. His captors threatened the group with death unless they converted to Islam. Evgeny refused and the enemy commander cut his head off. This occurred on his 18th birthday. His personal cross rests in St. Nicholas Church in Ordinka, Moscow and his grave has been marked with four other soldiers. There are plans to build an Orthodox Church in his name in Hankala, near Groziniy. The only Orthodox Church in Chechnya.

Source: Orthodox Heritage. The Greek Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Poimen. Florence, Arizona. Volume 01, Issue 1 January 2003 p. 4.