on the Southfork, Lee County, Kentucky

Chapel and Cohort of the Order of Centurions
Founded on the Anniversary of the Birth of Robert Edward Lee in Lee County Kentucky
which was formed and named in his honor in 1870 by the Kentucky Legislature

Robert E Lee Day, 19 January

Robert E Lee, President of Washinton & Lee University c 1869
"Help me to be, to think, to act what is right because it is right;
make me truthful, honest, and honorable in all things;
make me intellectually honest for the sake of right and honor
and without thought of reward to me."

The Chapel primarily uses the first United States Prayer Book, the 1789 Book of Common Prayer
(1856 Printing of the 1845 Standard followed with Metrical Psalms and Hymns - Ebook Free)
with the KJV and period hymns

prayer book

Lee's HQ Flag Canton...Ark of the Covenant

Remember and Honor
Lt. Col. (Ret) Mark S Carroll
The Rev. Lt. Col. (Ret) Mark S Carroll
Lee's 3th Cousin 5x Removed, through my Corbin line
One of several FamilySearch.org Lines

Note: Period services are freely available to any Christian in the local Three Forks area upon request and acceptance. Anyone wishing to join the Order of Centurions and the Lee Chapel Cohort should contact me at this email. "CarrollMS @ yahoo.com"

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