Laus Deo Praise  

The menu in is the form of the obelisk, an ancient symbol of strength and eternity.

The capstone of the obelisk is a pyramid, and has the letters "LD" in its center, meaning "Laus Deo" in Latin and translated as "Praise God" in English. "Laus Deo" is also inscribed on the east-facing side of the capstone of the General George Washington Monument in America.

The triangle-pyramid is a Christian symbol of the Trinity, and rightly the Trinity is the capstone to any endeavor of the Order of Centurions. In the Great Seal of America, the pyramid cap has the "Eye of Providence" with the words, "Annuit Cúptis, " meaning, He approves (our undertaking).

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen +

View of St. Peters Obelisk, brought to Rome from Egypt in 37 AD, and moved to the current location in a magnificent engineering feat in about 1586