of the
Order of Centurions

The Order was established on Michaelmas MMIII as an association of Christians to resist the corruption and error found in the world. It sought to guard the simple Apostolic Faith as had been formulated in the Early Church and was articulated in the early statements of belief and Scripture, to encourage the practice of a simple, ancient form of worship; and encourage members to live by the plain Word of Scripture. The Order follows in the tradition of Constantine's "Torquati", 50 Roman citizen warriors who were called out to form the honor guard for the Labarum - the symbol of Christ's sovereignty in the Legion. Membership in the Torquati was not based on class or family heritage, but upon calling and duty. Membership of the Order, likewise, was designed to be open to anyone who answered the call in accordance with Peter's statement concerning Cornelius the Centurion, "I truly understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him." The Internet Chapel of the Centurions was consecrated on Michaelmas MMIV. The the Service Branch of the Labarum Guardwas activated on 28 October MMV, the Anniversary of the Battle of Saxa Ruba (Milvian Bridge). Finally, the Academy of Centurions Theological School was activated on Michaelmas MMVIII, the Order's fifth anniversary.

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