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"Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace,
and things wherewith one may edify another"

Order of Centurions List Server   This is the list server used for all Legion official messages. These are primarily generated by the Primus Pilus and other officers of the Order. The list server is privately owned and moderated by the Primus Pilus who exercises "at will" control to include membership, moderation of posts, content, and operation. Posts include, but are not limited to: seasonal greetings, weekly Chapel announcements, prayers & biddings, Sunday and Holy Day collects with links to appointed lessons and selected homilies, special announcements and news, and commentary on current and ancient events that reflect a traditional, conservative, and orthodox tone that is in accord with the plain word of Scripture and apostolic teachings of the Early Church fathers, and specifically the tenets and purpose of the Order of Centurions. The order salutes Christians in uniform yesterday and today through prayer, stories, and commentary. Submissions by members for this List Serve should be of a general nature applicable for the entire membership -- and edifying and not contentious. Those posts that relate to a specific centurion rather than the Order as a whole will normally be forwarded to the respective member rather than posted, and so members may respond to prayer requests, announcements, and the like with that expectation. For those who have been around the military, this List-Server is like the Official Command Section of the Unit Bulletin Board. Signature blocks and references to members in all posts of the OC Listserve shall contain only OC titles and honors (i.e., Centurion, Tribunus h.c., LGOC, Precator, etc.), with no civilian, ecclesiastical, chivalric, honorific, academic designations, or other such titles or marks. Military rank which is bestowed by National and State authority, is permissible and encouraged in signature blocks in the manner prescribed by military regulations and law. The salutation and title of "Brother" or "Sister" is a familiar alternative to "Centurion" as it follows the scriptural standard and reflects the fraternal nature of the Order.

We heed the words of Ambrose, Bishop of Milan in the 5th Century, writing on the Duties of Clergy:

Our language should be mild and quiet, and full of kindness and courtesy and free from insult. Let there be no obstinate disputes in our familiar conversations, for they are wont only to bring up useless subjects, rather than to supply anything useful. Let there be discussion without wrath, urbanity without bitterness, warning without sharpness, advice without giving offence. And as in every action of our life we ought to take heed to this, in order that no overpowering impulse of our mind may ever shut out reason (let us always keep a place for counsel), so, too, ought we to observe that rule in our language, so that neither wrath nor hatred may be aroused, and that we may not show any signs of our greed or sloth.

We have adopted the admonition of Saint Paul to the Romans as the MAXIM on the List Server and in personal correspondence.

"Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace,
and things wherewith one may edify another"
[Ro 14:19].

[and his remarks concerning forbearance between brothers in Roman 15]

Homily Against Strife and Contention

* Social Forums

Order of Centurions Social Forums ( e.g. Facebook) shall observe the same general administrative guidelines as the ListServe Policy. Social forums are unofficial. They are intended for OC registered members, invited guests, and walk-on applicants approved by the Prinus Pilus or other administrator. Forum members are free to post original topics which have a Christian connection and which serve the maxim. A key objective is to promote courteous fraternal exchange. Private messaging is available to supplement conversations when more appropriate.

I will post this Legion Order on the web in the form of a policy, and may change it administratively from time to time as deemed appropriate.


Primus Pilus II

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Change 092218-Group changed from Secret to Closed and opened to approved referrals and walkons.
Change 092218-Group changed from Secret to Closed and opened to approved referrals and walkons.