Lee's Prayer Book

selection of psalms

Selection of Psalms to be used instead of the Psalms of the day at the discretion of the Minister and Proper psalms for selected Holy Days

Selection of Psalms and Proper Psalms for Holy Days in pdf

SELECTION I: From Psalm xix, xxiv., ciii.1-13a,14-15
SELECTION II: From cxxxix.1-18,23-24, cxlv.
SELECTION III: From li.1-17, xlii.1-7,10-11,13-15
SELECTION IV: From xxxvii.
SELECTION V: From i., xv., xci 15, xci.
SELECTION VI: From xxxii.1-2,5-9,11-12, cxxx., cxxi.
SELECTION VII: From xxiii., xxxiv., lxv.
SELECTION VIII: From lxxxiv.1-8,10-13, lxxxv., xciii., xcvii.
SELECTION IX: From viii., xxxiii.1-9, cxlvii.1-9,11-20, lvii.6,8-12
SELECTION X: From xcvi.1-4, cxlviii, cxlix,1-4, cl.

selection of psalms

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