Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven
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We salute veteran centurions who have given service to their nation and Church Militant
Designated annually on the Feast of Cornelius the Centurion

Tribune is an additional honorary title bestowed by the Legion. The recipients retain their title of Centurion, which was given for life. They may use the honorary title in address and forms of correspondence. The Legion will use their titles in formal communications. The honorary title is a form of recognition for centurions whose have rendered honorable uniformed service to their nation. In the Church it may represent those whose lives have been imperiled or who have suffered physically for their witness (ecclesiastical category). Awards may be made annually upon the Commemoration of Centurio Cornelius (February 4). The title may be stated in full or abbreviated as "tribunus h.c." or in a native language (e.g. Honorary Tribune).


Members may submit nominations beginning on the Sacramentum the Order (January 3) through the Conversion of Saint Paul (January 25). The Awards Committee shall consist of the Ordo Tribunus Centurionum (Fundator, Primus Pilus, Praefectus Castrorum). The designation for veterans who have served honorably and held the rank of corporal or above (or its equivalent), or any uniformed member who has served honorably in a combat theater or similar type of zone, will be approved automatically. Any centurion may nominate any other centurion. The nomination/application should include sufficient justification so the awards committee can determine that an honor is justified based upon the criteria. Only qualified registered members of the Order of Centurions may receive the honor, and membership is required to retain the honor. The militant category may apply also to centurions who have served in paramilitary organizations for the state to include the functions of police, fire, safety, etc. The Primus Pilus may change the criterion and may waive it.


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