Praier for men to saie enteryng into battayle   Contemporary

O Almighty Kyng and lorde of hostes,
which by thy angelles therunto apoynted
doost mynister both warre and peace,
and whiche diddest geue unto Dauid
bothe courage and strength,
beying but a littell one,
unarmed, and unexpert in feates of warre
with his sling to sette upon and ouerthrowe
the great huge Goliath:
our cause now being iust,
and beying inforced to entre into warre and battaile,
we most humbly beseech the
(O Lorde God of hostes)
so to tourne the hertes of our enemies
to the desyre of peace,
that no christen bloud be spilt,
or else graunt (O Lorde)
that with small effusion of bloud,
and to the litle hurte and damoge of innocentes,
we maie to thy glorie obteine victorie:
and that the warres beyng sone ended,
we maie al with one hert and mynde,
all knitte togither in concord and unitie,
laude and praise the:
which lyuest and reignest, worlde without ende.

Queen Katherine Parr of England, 1544, for Husband Henry VIII and his men on their campaign in France. It is probable that Archbishop Thomas Cranmer acted as her editor and assistant.

Prayer for men to say entering into battle  

O Almighty King and Lord of Hosts,
which by your angels so appointed
do minister both war and peace,
and who did give to David
both courage and strength,
being but a little one,
unarmed, and no expert in feats of war,
with his sling, to set upon and overthrow
the great huge Goliath:
Our cause now being just,
and being forced to enter into war and battle,
we most humbly beseech you
(O Lord God of Hosts)
so to turn the hearts of our enemies
to the desire of peace,
that no Christian blood be spilled,
or else grant (O Lord)
that with small effusion of blood,
and to the little hurt and damage of innocents,
we may, to your glory, obtain victory:
and that the war being soon ended,
we may all with one heart and mind,
all knit together in concord and unity,
laud and praise you:
who lives and reigns, world without end.